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High Voltage Syndrome

You are walking down a lit street at night, deep in thought. Up ahead, a sodium street lamp casts an orange glow. As you approach, the light flickers for an instant, then switches off, only to come back on again once you have passed by. Source: The guardian The excerpt refrenced above is known as SLI or street light interference and you can read more about it here. SLI usually refers to the little known phenomenon that causes certain individuals to interfere with street lights as they pass by or with other electrical items. However there seems to be a more severe form of SLI known as HVS or High Voltage Syndrome, (also known as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS) that some have claimed mimics the symptoms of demonic possession that dates back 150 years or more. Some say HVS is another name for SLI but I beg to differ, it seems rather HVS is instead a more severe form.

SLI usually only affects lights, alarms, clocks and watches. The cases below are indicative of a severe or evolv…
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Prediction Of Volcanic Eruptions

It is common for Incarnated angels to predict planetary changes  and remote view. It's some of our many abilities. However it doesn't make it easier, to this day I always get very emotional when I realize my predictions too late like when I predicted the volcanic Eruptions above....I was angry because I couldn't do anything, because I didn't realize that the dream was actually a premonition. And further, who would believe? So I say this is pretty much useless these "gifts" we have unless something can be done and known ahead of time. Here are some of my other premonitions and remote viewing

A Note To Other Winged Creatures

I haven't blogged in a while but I feel the need to do so tonight. It's raining, the sky is dark and O Fortuna is modertly blasting from my phone's speakers...There's a chill in the air, and this atmosphere has had me thinking about our existence as angels born on Earth... I wonder why we true incarnated angels chose the path of loneliness? We for lack of a better term fell together yet once on Earth find that we cross paths with barely a gaze.
But we can feel it, our senses become heightened when another of our kind is near, our heart rates go up and we begin to feel that all too familiar pull towards a reality many of us don't want to face. We feel a sense of attraction towards the other person, regardless of gender, but it's so much more than any feelings humans could imagine. It's an innocent and pure attraction yet full of so much raw passion and emotion that we can some times loose control of our emotions if not careful.
We gaze briefly in one anoth…

Boy Remembers Life as an Angel

One of my most favorite videos to date .

Co-relation between fundamentalist religion and new age beliefs

Just something I've been observing over the last six months or so that I thought might be an interesting topic to discuss. I grew up in a fundamentalist christian cult where they believed they had the keys to salvation, the keys to the correct interpretation of the scriptures which in turn meant only they would survive Armageddon, the rest of us are well screwed because being a good person with a good heart doesn't count, if you aren't doing the 'right things in the right way'. Pretty funny huh?

I've also noted having come from said background I may perhaps be more aptly aware of the dangers of such thinking among new agers. There are some who believe that certain rituals, practices, lifestyles are the 'keys' or 'secret knowledge' that leads to the reward of enlightenment and or ascension.

Now the same rules that govern why that was bullshit within the fundamentalist religious movement apply with new age fundamentalist beliefs as well. When …

How To Find Your Starseed Origins

The first answer is usually the correct answer. The more you think about it the less you will know. I would say the most important thing is to go within. Familiarize yourself with who you truly are. Then and only then can you begin to seek information of this nature. It is more powerful to validate your own beliefs. All information should always come from within anything else is just a reference. Once you have understood the above figure out what it is you want to know. Always trust your gut instinct. If the information doesn't feel right then it is not your truth. you are your own best guide. Naturally we want to know where we come from.

It is not necessarily important or part of the mission but easing the mind does help in seeing things more clearly. Learn how to tap in to your energy signatures. When sensing your energy turn your focus to your auric field. Feel it. Feel as if there is a warmth wrapping around it. When you can feel this then this means you're half way ther…