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Angels Beyond Christianity

As I've noted before in my blog; Angels predate most organized religion. I was reading an article last night that spoke of Angels first appearing in Sumerian mythology...specifically Zoroastrianism. However in my understanding Angels first appeared on Earth when the Earth was barren. During Earth's 'ovulation', when she was molten lava. I'm not really sure why some of us appeared on Earth at such a time and if any of you reading this article are an Angel please share any memories you might have!

After that it seems there are memories missing then I see Atlantis. After the sinking of Atlantis Angels and other species such as Extraterrestrials who appeared on the scene after Atlantis became populated began to migrate to South America, Sumeria and Ancient Egypt among other places. Hence why winged creatures are depicted in every ancient culture dating back to before Christ.

"Not since the 13th Century has human kind been so interested in the Angel kingdom. Tho…
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High Voltage Syndrome

You are walking down a lit street at night, deep in thought. Up ahead, a sodium street lamp casts an orange glow. As you approach, the light flickers for an instant, then switches off, only to come back on again once you have passed by. Source: The guardian The excerpt refrenced above is known as SLI or street light interference and you can read more about it here. SLI usually refers to the little known phenomenon that causes certain individuals to interfere with street lights as they pass by or with other electrical items. However there seems to be a more severe form of SLI known as HVS or High Voltage Syndrome, (also known as Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or EHS) that some have claimed mimics the symptoms of demonic possession that dates back 150 years or more. Some say HVS is another name for SLI but I beg to differ, it seems rather HVS is instead a more severe form.

SLI usually only affects lights, alarms, clocks and watches. The cases below are indicative of a severe or evolv…

Astronauts Who Saw Angels In Space

9 Benefits of Delicious Rose Tea

I've never been fascinated by Rose's though lilies captured my heart at a very young age. Especially the stargazer Lily... however rose tea is the nectar of the Goddesses. It's refreshing, delicious and extremely healthy. I notice that when I drink rose tea, my senses are clearer, I have more energy, and I just feel better as a whole. Today after having a cup of Rose tea I felt a little funny but I realized that the Rose tea was basically removing toxins from my body...literally cleaning mean out.

I decided to look up the health benefits of this delicious flowery drink from ancient India and was astonished to see all the numerous health benefits.

I've linked the incredible article below so you can see for yourself that Rose tea is not only a refreshing summer drink but also serves as a complete cleansing for your body.
9 Benefits of Rose Tea - Healthy Focus: The Benefits of Rose Tea range include reducing menstrual pain, improving skin, immune boost, sore throat remedy,…

Are You An Angel In A Human Body?

Most of us know during childhood that we're not able to relate to our skin suit. We feel restricted, trapped and cramped. We're not able to relate to the lifestyles of the people around us. Even as children we have a certain knowing that their belifes are lies and their lifestyle is unhealthy. But we were children and no one stopped to listen. They would've thought us crazy anyways.

It's ok to pray to the Angels in heaven and worship the angels on alters but it would be a whole different story to tell these humans that we've had lives as those very same Angels. Or worse yet that we predate their organized religions. But we couldn't deny it to ourselves, we were different...we knew things others didn't know among other things. We went throughout life seeing another of our kind on occasion and experiencing a momentary brotherhood... A moment of longing and comfort. We never spoke we just nodded and went on with our business.

Life can be very daunting for A…

Short Film: Michael and Lucifer

I just fucking love this short movie... As cheesy as the graphics may be it's a must watch for anyone who loves Angels or identifies as one

Incarnated Angels and Angelkin

Recently I've noticed that I'm kind of blurring the lines here a bit when it comes to talking about our kind... Incarnated Angels, Angelic Hybrids, Angelkin etc whatever the name, some people have vastly different ideas of what we are... From the fluff of lightworker Angels to the Angelkin who don't associate their kin type as being angelic due to spirituality. They had past lives as Angels. But don't feel they are here for any mission or saving.

When I talk about being an Angel I am somewhere in the middle. I feel I fell from heaven...with permission. I was allowed to come to Earth to experience life as a human and I figured while I'm down here I may as well help to clean things up...maybe that was the purpose all along and I wasn't made aware of the fact lol...whatever the case, I'm definitely not your fluffy angel. I curse, drink occasionally, love my swords and dress all in black 95% of the time. My exterior can be seriously intimidating and intense …